Music Styles

Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Finger style, and more. Tailored instruction for guitarists of all levels, from beginner to advance.

Areas of Study

Chords, scales, theory, modes, improvisation, note for note solos, ear training, note reading, rhythm studies, working off of recordings, solo transcriptions, licks, artists styles, song learning and memorization, chord melody, fingerboard harmony, re-harmonization, arranging, playing in an ensemble, etc.

Guitar Workshops

Workshops are held for guitarists wishing to interact with other guitarist. Subjects include repertoire, improvisation, songwriting and recording techniques, guitar maintenance and repair. These workshops are available to the public. All materials provided.

Instructional Materials

Written materials, including play-along recordings for practice are provided.

Music School Auditions

Special lessons are offered to those students preparing to enter into a university as a music major or minor.

Online Instruction

Skype and webcam

Payment Methods

Cash, check, major credit cards, and PayPal.

Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for the aspiring guitarist.