6 Hidden Pentatonics Scales in every Major Scale

August 29, 2017 - 1 minute read

Did You know there are 6 Pentatonic scales in every Major (Ionian) Scale? Let’s use C Major Ionian as our example since it consist of all natural notes, C D E F G A B C.

In C Major we find (3) Major Pentatonic scales:

  1. C Major Pentatonic = C D E G A
  2. A minor Pentatonic = A C D E G
  3. F Major Pentatonic = F G A C D
  4. D minor Pentatonic = D F G A C
  5. G Major Pentatonic =  G A B D E
  6. E minor Pentatonic =  E G A B D

Play C Maj/Amin Pentatonic over a C Maj and an A min chord.  Now try playing them over F Major, Dmin, G7.

Play G Maj/Emin over the same chords, C, Ami, F, Dmi, G7, and listen how the notes sound over the chords compared to the previous scales.  Also play G and Emin scale over a C, Amin, G, G7 & Emin.

F Maj/ Dmin pentatonic sound best over the F, Dmin and G7 Chord. Because of the note, F, this scale rubs against the C maj and A min chords.